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The Story of Whimmmsy

When I began this journey six years ago, I had no idea that learning about henna would lead to an entire overhaul of my life and career. As an artist, I grew exponentially from the moment I made my first henna cone, and the skills I acquired through focused practice led to adorning a lot of other things besides bodies. A simple study meant for only myself evolved into a festival career, and filling my henna booth with flower crowns brought me back around to costuming opportunities again after years of trying my hand at other things like music. Paintings became a popular request a couple of years ago, and now I teach the things I've learned along the way to others, who hope to bring a little color and expression to their own lives. I've been afforded numerous outlets for my creativity, and I work very hard to maintain this life that I love. Getting to share it with others has become one of art's greatest gifts, and currently I'm working to expand my reach, so that I can not only bring soothing art to the masses, but also create a space online where I can teach those who cannot come to me or to my classes at local venues. 

Henna is my passion, costuming is my playtime, and painting is my meditation.

Art is my life.