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​​​​Real, safe, 100% natural henna is green in powder form,

and brown when it is a paste. 

Natural henna stains range from

light reddish brown to deep mahogany brown. 

Henna leaves a transparent stain that sits on the skin, so it works well on all skin tones. 


Natural paste is dark brown

when it dries on the skin,

not ever, ever black.

*****see FAQ for more info*****

Henna paste is draped in designs and patterns

and then dries on the skin. 

After sitting on the skin for 2-12 hours, the paste can be removed (by scraping)

and water should be avoided for 24 hours. 

Henna stains start as a bright yellow color and develop and deepen (oxidize) in 36-48 hours.

​​​​Henna is made of fresh henna powder, sugar, distilled water or lemon juice, and essential oils. 

Because of a lack in research relating to the long-term effects of essential oils,

henna is not recommended for young children, 

especially since certain allergies have not had a chance to reveal themselves at a young age. 

All Things Henna

All natural

100% safe 

for ages 7+


The Basics


Jagua is a fruit that produces a 
dark blue-indigo stain through the same application as henna, 
and is still used by Amazonian tribes

to decorate the tribe members' bodies. 
It lasts like henna, and requires wearing the Jagua gel for a couple of hours, but it is more expensive than henna. 
If you are interested in Jagua, please note that it is only available by private appointment. 

Because it is a bit messier than henna, I do not bring it with me to festivals and other on site events.

If you're willing to put in the time, it's a lot of fun to learn how to make your own Natural Henna. I highly encourage you to do some digging and learn about the origins of henna and the traditions and the many varied applications around this amazing plant!

I'm willing to share the good intel, because I think it should be available to anyone who wants to learn. This class is a rundown for a specific kit I supplied my local folks with, but there is a full recipe in here if you are shopping for kits. If you are looking for a good starter kit or other safe body art supplies, might I recommend

my own supplier, Henna Caravan.

Class starts at the 4:35 mark.

Bookings are currently closed.

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