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Permanent Ink Tattoos

Starting January 1, 2024 

Artist will be taking appointments for permanent tattoos at local

Southside shop, Wantfull Things, in Downtown Birmingham, AL.

As a newly certified Tattoo Artist, 

small black and grey flash tattoos in Artist's own style,

on arms and legs only, are all that can be booked at this time.

Artist will consider custom designs at a later date. 

Artist's prices will also increase at a later date.

Booking Request Form is below.

Current Flash Designs
(please include number in your appointment request)

image_6483441 (7).JPG
image_6483441 (6).JPG

How to Book

An Appointment Request must be completed and the Artist must approve your booking before you may choose a date and pay your deposit.

Artist is currently working within a 30-day rotation, and more dates will open up for each following month in turn. No custom work will be considered at this time, technique and timing are the Artist's current focus before opening up space for larger, custom pieces. 

All designs must be chosen from Artist's current flash.

Other small designs might be considered, with Artist's approval.

Appointment Request
Are you over 18?

Thanks for submitting! We’ll get back to you shortly.

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